North Carolina Expungements

A change to the law regarding North Carolina expungements (known as expunctions) takes effect on December 1, 2017. The change, codified in SB 445, makes a couple of significant changes in that it reduces the waiting time to expunge non-violent felony and misdemeanor convictions and it allows for expunction of more than one dismissed charge. The new law will allow expunction of most non-violent misdemeanors after only a five year waiting period, as opposed to the fifteen years previously required. These developments are a big positive for people convicted of criminal acts who have changed their lives and seek to be productive citizens.

As most people know, a criminal record can have a devastating affect on a person's ability to find housing and employment. The North Carolina School of Government has a very useful webpage that can clarify all of the potential so-called "collateral consequences" of a criminal conviction.  

 Give us a call if you would like to discuss the possibility of us assisting with an expunction petition related to a past Wake County criminal charge. Even cases that resulted in a dismissal can and should be expunged, because even the fact of a past charge can be prejudicial in some situations! 

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