Wake County Felony Probation Violations

You may have more options than you think!

The consequences of a felony probation violation can run the gamut from a possible violation and continuation of probation to a complete revocation of probation and activation of a suspended sentence. Often times there are factual disputes involved in a probation violation allegation; having an attorney, whether retained or appointed, is essential! 

For most violations a "quick dip" (short stay in the county jail) or a "CRV" (revocation of 90 days of the suspended sentence, short for "confinement in response to violation) are the worst possible sanctions. However, if there are multiple prior CRVs, a probationer has a new criminal conviction, or a charge of absconding is sustained, the balance of a suspended sentence may be revoked. For many people on felony probation, this can add up to several months in jail. 

The early intervention of an attorney can help lead to drastically better outcomes of an alleged probation violation. Communication with probation officers can be helpful. Immediate actions to rectify any outstanding problems are almost always well received by the court. Although often times it can seem like fate is sealed when facing a probation violation, we have experience obtaining additional time to comply with probation, assisting clients with early termination of probation, and securing no sanctions or greatly reduced sanctions for a violation allegation. 

Give us a call to discuss probation violation allegations pending in Wake County Superior Court. We offer free consultations in criminal cases. 

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